Go Boardgame Recommendations

I’m using Kubuntu 19.10 and have Discover and the Muon Package Manager installed. Does anyone know of any good software for the Go boardgame? I’d like one for individual play and online play with others.



I have not played Go. After watching a documentary, I found it fascinating and would love to start playing. Apparently, the first national tournament for the United States was held in my area several years ago. I wish I could have seen it live and in person.

If you find a good one and I will be sure to search myself, please share and I would like to volunteer for a few matches.

Will do. If you find one be sure to let me know.

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I’ve also recently gotten into trying to learn GO, so I don’t have a lot of experience with GO programs or online play. However, here are some programs that run on Linux (I’m on Arcolinux, which is Arch-based, so it was easy to get all these – for other distros, I’m not sure how easy some of these are to get in their repo’s). As implied, I haven’t used any of these extensively, only installed them so far:

Kigo – KDE game that’s good for learning the basics – or at least it has been for me

Sabaki – very powerful game editor (e.g., you can download thousands of GO games from the internet and move through them turn by turn for learning purposes), but I haven’t done anything with it much

Quarry – for playing and editing games but it would take some reading to get familiar with its features

ccGo – for connecting to online games and players

Monkeyjump – also for connecting to servers to play games I think – written in python and I haven’t played around with it yet

Online – https://online-go.com is one place that has online games of all levels and this page in particular has a lot of resources: Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS

Good luck! I’d be interested in any other resources you might find.


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Thank you very much. That is just what I was looking for.

If you like to play online with rankings etc the Kiseido Go Server in nice.
cgoban3 is a java client for KGS and you can download the jar file at

For local play I like to use kigo or sabaki. If I remember correctly quarry stopped development years ago.

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