Gnome, why take my beige?

So guys, With Gnome 42 about to launch in the next couple of months who among you will miss the beige colours? I personally am a fan of both the slightly creamy beige window bars and especially the beige icons in files. I guess the new blue icons are ok but :frowning: . Hope there will be an accent colour picker going forward, this will help to please more people.

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To each their own. The sandy beige looks pretty ugly to me, but I understand blue isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. I watched a video from The Linux Experiment that showed some new appearance options in 42 so I’m sure you won’t be stuck with it forever.

I like beige also.

If there is a Gnome-related grievance to air, IMHO, it’s this:

Since the Gnome devs are so fond of changing their underlying frameworks and libraries over and over and over, it would behoove them to reflect on how much time they spend in migration work between these frameworks, as opposed to coding for actual real-world, rubber-meets-the-road new features, which end users will actually like and want.

After reading a good summary of the Gnome 42 new features, virtually all of them seemed to be about underlying infrastructure changes. Very few changes were something which would actually increase any user’s real-world productivity somehow.

Dear Gnome Devs, I beseech you to heal yourselves from your chronic affliction of “framework-itis”.


I found a way to reclaim a little beige in my life. Signal let’s you choose a color for your chats:

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