Gnome Desktop: Shortcut for "move Windows to next Monitor"

I came back to Gnome from KDE after a few years. I am using Gnome 3.38 unter Manjaro. I am missing to able to define a shortcut, that does:

  • Move windows to next monitor.

I CAN define shortcuts in Gnome like “move to monitor on the right / left”, but these are two key-bindings, right? I use two monitors. In KDE I could define “Move to next monitor”, which moved the window to left, right, left, right… etc…

I hope I could make my question clear enough (English isnt my native language)

Thanks if someone can help me

Hi, thank you.
Yes, these are the shortcuts I knew of. I am searching for something like

Ctrl + Space = Switch to “the next” monitor.

Where “the next” is really the next… if the window is on screen1 it switches to screen2 and vice versa. That is a super convenient thing a nearly cant live without anymore…

Folks: try it e.g. on Plasma and especially with ctrl + space (these two finger lay on that place anyhow)… this is very helpful when you have to kick of windows from one to the other screen very often.

I cannot find a solution for Gnome at the moment.

I am not a Plasma user but did you try to make a custom keyboard shortcut. I know you can do that also in Gnome?
Open the keyboard settings and try to add your own shortcut.


yes, I have several user defined shortcuts in Gnome’s settings. The thing is… I dont know the command for that… but I think I will find a way…