Gnome 3.36 Released

So, my Gnomies, what has you interested with this new release? I’m glad to see the “run with discrete graphics card” option and the improved lock screen.

I’m happy they are modifying the login / lock screen, now if they would allow me to adjust the volume steps to my liking.

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Using 200% scaling with Nvidia turns off your display on login :laughing:
I love bleeding edge! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I don`t like how user photo now jumps from left to the center when you select a user on login, and more clicks if you use a mouse to power off the PC.
I prefer Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then Power Off, but some people prefer a mouse.

I worked with WordPerfect 5.1 and since that time I hate keyboard shortcuts , besides I can’t remember more than say 5. I prefer a mouse, but two clicks should be enough to power off. Gnome and KDE assume their users are stupid and that is why they ask; “Are sure”, “Are you very sure” and “Are you very very sure”.

To add something positive, I love the way Gnome allows me to use Work-spaces for full screen Virtual Machines and that are the only shortcuts I can remember.

Remember those keyboard shortcut templates some programs used to come with? I don’t miss those at all. :wink:

There are a lot of nice little touches. I like the do not disturb option, the revised settings panel is nice, the extensions app is useful, the changes to the system menu like how logout works now. No one thing sticks out but there are many small quality of life improvements.