Give me your laptop resting and stress temps

Looking for some help on a new video. Will be doing some thermal paste testing on Lemur Pro 2019 with the i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz × 8. If anyone also has the Lemur Pro that would be amazing to get your readings from xsensors app (install from Pop store).

  1. Readings with just xsensors open fresh from boot
  2. Readings under stress (playing a game, etc.)

Screenshots of readings would be ideal. If you have any laptop that has the 10th gen i5 you can join in the fun as well =)

Thank you!

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I don’t know if this’d help the coming opinion but i’ve been replacing paste professionally for companies and friends since I was a kiddo. From Apple to Alienware I have NEVER seen stock paste that wasn’t utterly useless and usually chalk within 1 to 2 years. 2 years ago I bought Intel’s highest end NUC brand new and the paste arrived dry. It’s the most incomprehensible industry trend I know of.

Here’s my bet! 3C improvement idle, 6C improvement max load.

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