Github users - considering alternatives? Anyone looked into "radicle" yet?

I have to say ever since Microsoft got involved in github, I’ve been put off it. I wonder if any developers in this community have previously used github but started to migrate away from it?

I don’t know much about “radicle” yet, but it seems to be a peer-to-peer solution that might provide similar advantages to say, how mastodon is different from twitter. I would appreciate thoughts from experienced / informed individuals, with thanks :slight_smile:

Also… I wonder if there should be a “Developers” category in these forums.

The irony that their software is on github lol

Really love the p2p aspect and respect their site isn’t pulling in rando Google/bootstrap JS scripts.

While youtube-dl was pulled from Github I think they were using their own self-hosted GitLab.

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I just use GItLab. If I ever make something big, I’d probably have mirror or GitHub or something.

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I’ve been running Gitea on my server for personal projects and private mirrors. I’d probably just self host GitLab for a large project though. More then likely I’d try to see if Gitea could handle it first and then try GitLab.

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I hadn’t heard of Gitea, just looked it up, thanks - very interesting :slight_smile: