GIMP Tutorial Recommendations

While I’m out of work and have plenty of time I’d like to increase my skills. One of which I’ve intended to improve for sometime is GIMP. If anyone has any knowledge about good GIMP tutorials starting at beginner it would be appreciated. Specially I’m looking for YouTube tutorials but if there are other good general tutorials those would be great as well. For the future I’ll look into Inkscape, Krita, and Blender.


I’ve learned a bunch from DaVies Media -


The magazine seemed to have dropped off of the face of the planet. But, I was reviewing it a bit while learning the ways: GIMP Magazine - Issue 1 by GIMP Magazine - Issuu
There were usually intuitive guides and sweet examples. I’m interested if anything like this currently exists for creatives on Linux or FOSS.


I agree with the DaVies recommendation. There is also Logos by Nick. His main focus is Inkscape, but he has a Gimp playlist.


Thanks, I’ve known about Logos By Nick and have used a few of his Inkscape tutorials.

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Gimp is awesome. Once you play with it a while, it becomes effortless. Just dive in, with your best friend Youtube. Everytime you’re stumped… ask Youtube. Your own creative juices will be leading you to learn the tasks you desire to accomplish. Master a tool. Celebrate. Master another tool. Celebrate. Gimp for Dummies. There is so much great info in Youtube. Then it starts to become intuitive. One task, one tool, at a time. Celebrate.


I am a bit late to the party, but I have watched all video’s of meet the Gimp, years ago. I see he now moved his video’s to a YouTube channel:

If you start with 1, Rolf (an English talking German) will take you through some really insightful tricks.

Have fun learning!

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