Gigs for Linux-first hardware

A thread for trading work for Linux-first hardware (Pine64, System76, Raspberry Pi, ect). Gigs that support both the Linux hardware community and get tech into the hands of enthusiasts.

Please keep posts updated with their status and post a picture of your hardware when you receive it! :slight_smile:


[Hiring] Include the task you need completed and what you’re offering in the form of Linux-first hardware or how much of a hardware purchase you can fund.

[For Hire] Include the Linux-first hardware you’re looking for and what you can offer.

[Hired] Edit to this when both parties reach an arrangement.

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My kingdom for a limited edition 3GB Pinephone preorder.

I’m a tech generalist going way back, currently training in mostly sysadmin and Web development but i’ve done everything from a RasPi extended desktop to writing my own software to balance lithium ion cells. I really like requests that make me learn something new especially if it’s about Linux. Just send me your idea and i’ll be very upfront.

I’m good with instruction lists and tidy, lightweight, human-readable code. I love “re-inventing the wheel” in my spare time so I can make cool things happen when it counts.

You know that one thing you’ve been putting off which’d really help your workflow? Time to level up. Lets make it! :smiley:

@MichaelTunnell and @dasgeek bought the 3GB Pinephone preorder for me with shipping and import tax.

I do not deserve this. I do near nothing compared to what these guys do. My contribution is just trying to free up a bit of their time so they can do vastly more for Linux than I can.

Thank you for giving me a community, thank you for paying for the server so we can all talk, thank you for making tons of Linux content I get to watch, thank you for giving me chance to be some part of it. Thank you for everything you’re giving me, plus a Pinephone. You’re wonderful.


You’ve been volunteering for months and helping us with our shows and here on these forums without ever asking for anything in return. We really wanted to show you our appreciation and let you know how much we value your contributions. Thanks for helping us grow the greatest community in Linux.