Get notified when an online document is viewed?

I’d like to set up a system so I get notified when an online document is viewed. Anyone seen a system like this?

Summary: I post an encrypted file online. Then (in separate communications) I send the link and password to someone who I want to have access to that file. Then I get an instant email notification whenever the encrypted file is viewed. And another notification when someone tries to decrypt the file.

I checked and they said Bitwarden ‘Send’ does not yet have this feature. Maybe in the future.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thx.

Don’t Spam emails use embedded hotlinked images to tell if you open the email? If it detects the request for the image then it knows you opened it. You could do the same thing perhaps?

I’m not sure why you need to know someone opened the document though. Who cares?

What is hosting the file? private server or document sharing service?

If it is a private server, and you have access to the logs, you can get setup a notification that triggers on access.

Additionally, if you can embedded the infamous 1 pixel image you can get notification on opening (as long as it’s tied to an accessible log). But savvy users might have this blocked.

I think my original post was not so clear. Sorry about that. In summary, I want something like the Bitwarden ‘Send’ feature, but with the addition that when the recipient visits the page, I (the sender) get an email. And then when the recipient decrypts the file, I get another email. And I get an email of any unsuccessful attempts to open the file. Pretty simple. I think Bitwarden can do this easily, and hopefully they’ll add this in the future.

So I’m asking if another company has something like Bitwarden ‘Send’ but with the notification features I described?

I do have a scenario where it would be valuable to get notified if someone visits the page that has the encrypted file. Just like someone visiting the target page in a Bitwarden ‘Send’ link.

I’m not a techie so setting up a private server is beyond me. I’ve heard of the 1 pixel image concept but have no idea how to implement it.