Gaming with FSR is awesome!

I have recently been playing a lot of GTA Online during my free time on two machines. One is my personal laptop and the other is a dual-booted desktop shared by me (Fedora 34 KDE spin) and my sister (Windows 10). The game is a bit graphically demanding but both machines can run it under specific conditions.

I’d like to add that my gaming experience has been crappy most of my life (my family wasn’t willing to spend a lot on expensive computers during my childhood and teenage years). I’m used to playing on low settings and I don’t mind if my frames go below 30 or if I have to go with a lower resolution than the monitor and stretching it to full screen.

The laptop is fairly modern, a Ryzen 5 3500u (APU) and I play the game with 1080p which runs at around 30fps but it feels like it drops below 30 a lot. On the shared desktop which uses an old A8-7600K APU, I play at 720p stretching it to fullscreen on a 1080p monitor (imagine how ugly that can look).

Now that I can enable FSR with Proton GE, I play with 720p on both machines and the game looks great with adequate FPS in my experience. It’s also funny to think that GTA V doesn’t even support FSR on Windows 10 yet as of the time of writing this.

I just thought I’d share and say that’s another win for Linux gaming.