Gaming Headset - 7.1 surround


Looking for a new 7.1 gaming headset that runs on Linux, any idea or recommendation.?

Thanks //T

Cool - thanks for your feedback :+1:
Have been looking at the hyper- the price is okay if 7.1 doesn’t work out :wink:

I can 2nd the HyperX Cloud I and II. I think the main difference is that the II comes with a usb sound-card, which can be purchased separately for around $30. I mention these two because I have seen refurb’d Cloud I for $44.

I have the Cloud II and it works great in Linux. The simulated surround is a spacial effect that sounds good, but does not allow you to hear someone behind you in-game. Good headset, though.

I’d STRONGLY recommend only buying a set you’ve been able to try on at a store or by the least a similar model from the same company.

I did a ton of YouTube research before trying ones on at stores and YouTube completely mislead me on just how uncomfortable “gaming” headsets are. I personally went Sennheisser though it’s whatever suits your needs. Try and find a place or a friend you can test 7.1 and see if it’s worth it.


Excellent advice.

Indeed ! I still remember that Focal headset acclaimed on multiple sites. First try when I received it I realized it was compressing on my ears. I could never got comfortable with it and returned the headset two weeks later. Next one I went first in a shop to try the model :sweat_smile:

I have a pair of Sennheiser’s ( regular headset, not for gaming ) that I love, but the fit was horrible. Easy fix, though, as Sennheiser has lots of options and I was able to find another pair that fit perfectly.