Games, nostalgia and related Linux games

I found Zeb’s review of Phantom 3D hilarious in the recent episode of DL and went laughing all the way to the link in the notes. Looking at the graphics took me back to happy memories of a game called “Labyrinth” on my Commodore 64, which was my first computer. It was a very simple 3D maze simulator with no animation, but engaging nonetheless for my simple young mind :slight_smile:

My favourite game on the C64 was the groundbreaking “Elite”. Indeed it was the only game I had no idea of how it had been coded, which was a strong part of my motivation to study Computing at university some years later. I loved that game so much I bought a port of it for my Amiga, and then on DOS on my PC. Somehow though, the wire-frame graphics gave me more, not less than the filled-colour 3D versions on Amiga and PC. (Indeed by the end of my first year at university I had coded a basic wire-frame simulation for an end-of-year project!)

I occasionally still run the FOSS “Oolite” inspired by Elite, though again find its graphics now far in advance of the old game (though I know the actual original was for the BBC Micro, not C64).

I never found a game on the Amiga or PC as satisfying, somehow, though memorable games from the Amiga include “Oh no, more lemmings” and from DOS, Collosus Chess.

I don’t really play games that much any more, but find PyChess on Linux quite good :slight_smile:

Which computer games (on which platform) do you have fond memories of, that come back to you when you play certain newer games on Linux?!

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I’d never heard of Oolite, but definitely going to have to check it out now :+1:

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Elite was the “Best” - I played it on the BBC Micro ( and only ever got to ‘Dangerous’ level) and it has not yet been surpassed in my opinion. Not even the all new Fancy graphics versions.

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I get goosebumps thinking of playing the C64 version from all those years ago, no joke. It was indeed something quite unique. I didn’t get anywhere near “Dangerous” level myself. Not enough of a risk-taker. I wonder how fans might find the relatively recent “Elite Dangerous” (which I think is on Steam)?

Pitfall on Intelivision with those paddle controllers.


I’ve heard of it but never played it. I also saw the paddle controllers but never owned any as I don’t believe any of the games I had worked with them!

Oh man, Archon on C64 and Cosmic Balance were awesome. I don’t know if I’m reminded of them with anything currently, but I do like a well done pixel game; they seem to capture imagination if done right.

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