Game Sphere 24 Hour Charity Livestream #2!

What is up, folks? Yes, you are reading that 100% right I will be doing another 24 hour gaming marathon raising money for charity! The event will be starting on Monday June 20th at 9 am EST and end at 9 am EST on June 21st.


So what charity will I be raising money for this time? The charity of choice this time around is called CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.) Seeing how we were able to get to our goal of $1000 on the last charity event (thank you to all of you who participated, and donated either time or money.) I figured this time we will go a little bit bigger so the goal will be between $1500-$2000 (still finalizing that.)

So the question will undoubtedly come up why this specific charity? Well, time for a very personal connection to this .June 20th is the birthday for my brother who had epilepsy, and ended up passing away because of it. To give some more clarity to that he suffered 14 severe seizures in 18 months on the 15th one, unfortunately because of all the prior ones, his heart could not take it and he ended up going into cardiac arrest and went over 15 minutes without oxygen to his brain.

So for the next 5 days my family and I spent watching him leave this world in the hospital essentially brain dead, no neural activity except for in the brain stem which only controls bare basics, and those could only be maintained with help from machines. We ended up having to make the tough call to pull those machines after 5 days and many different doctor’s all coming back with the same prognosis and we had to let him go.

So because of epilepsy my parents lost a son, my sisters and I lost a brother, and his 7 year old daughter (she’s 22 now) at the time lost her father. So if by staying up and playing some games can potentially help fund some research that might help some family not have to go through what mine did it is totally worth it.

Structure of Event-
-2 hour intervals per game
-10 minute break between change in game (bathroom, eat drink etc)
-12 games total (mix of single player and multiplayer)
-game giveaways (at random)

If the final fundraising goal is reached a few different things are up for grab

  • A $50 donation to an OSS project from a list that the community will get to choose from one with the most votes will get the donation
  • IF we reach the fundraising goal I will arrange with the other DLN host for us to do a DLN Game Night and we will all play Among Us (yes that means even me!)

There will polls for the multiplayer games that you folks will be choosing for us to play, These polls will be posted in the Discourse Forum, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube Community Tab. So once you see them posted make sure to go vote!

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I did a road trip once from Callifornia to Illinois and the rule was I could only stop at gas stations for as long as it took to fill up the tank and use the bathroom. I called it a Sun spinner because you watch the Sun complete a full cycle around the Earth and back. It’s a might bit easier driving mostly empty freeways with a co-pilot making your decisions though!

Much respect to your Sun spinner, will be there.

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I can’t wait. I’ll be watching this. Hurray. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

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So I know its been a while since I have updated this, However I just wanted the community to see what multiplayer games are going to be played for this stream. CrimeSight, Splitgate, Leap, The Mean Greens-Plastic Warfare,Planetside 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.


I am getting my SteamDeck loaded up with as many games as I can so that I can be a pain… I mean… make good charity content with you!

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and you will still be a better gamer than @MichaelTunnell or @dasgeek lol

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22HRS till go time!!!


No brakes on this train!!!

I have also loaded up my Commodore 64 Impostor machine as well, in case I am so bad at the joystick controls I have to go back to keyboard and mouse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am also updating that very machine to ensure I can talk at @mattdln in the Discord as well. Seems like that went out of date pretty quick.


Watch Matt experiment with throwing his character off cliffs