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yea I know about the issue . . . too much work apparently

Edit: I finished the custom page promoting the Charity Drive, go here to check it out Free Geek & DLN Charity Drive | Destination Linux Network

I feel like I am missing something on here though but not sure what it is . . . feel free to provide feedback on that part.

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pulseeffect rules !
Just remember to install lsp-plugins as well in order for some effects to work (among which the equalizer… )
EQ results for tons of headphones. Life changing !

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Guys, with all these distro news I will become a distro-hopper again. For the love of Arch, please, stop (just kidding) :laughing:


Just thought I’d add that I’ve had issues getting all the right things installed in the past and have since switched to using the flatpak version which bundles everything together. It’s also consistent across any distro I happen to be running so no issues with the right version of pulse and so on.

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This part sounds like the most ideal option for pulseeffects

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Just want to go on the record here and say that I live in the US and I’m with Zeb on this one: I love Marmite. I also adore Vegemite (yeah yeah, I like cats AND dogs – oh no!!). I also hear that if you put both on the same cracker it tears a rift in the space time continuum; so, if California suddenly disappears from the planet you’ll know why…


I understand not everyone has tastebuds :sunglasses:

note: Zeb doesn’t like marmite, he just knows we hate it lol :smiley:


In regards to privacy with the login manager (@dasgeek mentioned it ):

On systems using LightDM (most non-Plasma/non-GNOME systems) you can edit a line in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.

If you want the user list to show up, add the line greeter-hide-users=false; if you want to hide the users, add the line greeter-hide-users=true.

There is probably a way to do that in GDM (GNOME’s login manager) and SDDM (Plasma’s login manager), but I haven’t figured out how to do it.


Additionally: I’d like to point out that, going by the screenshots on the elementary blog, there’s reason to believe that the Elementary login manager doesn’t necessarily show the username but the user descriptions. These are generally used to display/store a user’s full name and the username might be automatically derived from that (most distros do this). So even if the login manager displayed “Eduardo Quirós” (my name), my actual username on the system could be “equiros” or “eduardoq” or anything similar.

Thanks everyone, for an especially heart-warming episode courtesy of FreeGeek info from Hilary. Quite an eye-opener. I always thought of digital-divide as a matter affecting the developing world, though now I’m better informed, I’ll certainly consider looking-up local ways in which contributing might be an option, perhaps by offering training, though my heart’s more inclined towards doing software development in Linux to give back to the community that way when able.

I think GnuCash is very established and probably quite well-suited to business needs, though my major gripe with it years ago when I first had a look is that it didn’t encrypt its data. To my mind, if anything needs encryption, it’s data to do with finances. Not sure if that’s ever changed.

Many aspects of Kali fascinate me, and I’m wondering how long their Windows emulation mode might be in coming to “normal” distros to encourage people to switch over?