Framework 16" Hype

Has anyone else pre-ordered the Framework 16"?

I am so stoked about this machine being completely repairable and upgradeable (and made with a great effort of sustainability). AND they support Linux out of the box (Ubuntu LTS and Fedora 38 have official support). As a Fedora user, I’m pretty stoked on this.

I decided to splurge and went with the Ryzen 9 7940HS CPU and the SWAPPABLE/UPGRADEABLE dedicated Radeon RX 7700S. Did I mention how stoked I am???

This will be my first ever completely AMD setup. I’ve always had a mix of Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. I am very excited to go all AMD, especially from a Linux support standpoint. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a single computer device, but with the promise that it will be able to be upgraded for future generations, I’m hoping this is a good investment.

How do you all feel about news of this new machine?

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A sixteen inch laptop is too big. The fourteen inch laptop is my happy place.


That’s fair for sure. I’m a big guy at 6’8" and a 4" hand breadth; so the 16" appeals to me, personally. I have a 13" MBP M1 for work, but I get a little cramped on it when I have to use it not plugged into my peripherals.

Do you have the Framework 13"?

No, I already have a couple laptops. Don’t need a third one. I’d like to have one but can’t justify the expense.

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I hear you there. I feel guilty getting a new machine, but hopefully this will mean less expense in the future with an upgradeable laptop, similar to a desktop. I have a couple older Thinkpads that I inherited, but unfortunately they’re starting to fall apart for reasons unknown to me.

Framework looks to be putting a lot of effort into longevity and have even sent new parts to their customers just because they felt they didn’t hit the mark with previous materials (I think the new battery went out like this?).

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I didn’t know about this, now I’m hyped :rofl:

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Are you going to pick up a Framework 16"? I think the batches that go out now are going to ship in 2024 at this point. I was surprised that just about 3 hours after the initial announcement, I was already too late for anything except batch 4.

I’m really struggling with which OS to put on it to start with. I have a real soft spot for Solus, which just came back to life and released a 4.4 version of the distro with an updated Budgie DE, however, I am currently using KDE Kinoite and really enjoying the experience.

No it’s just a major interest in the concept. I tend to keep my devices for a long time so this is right up my alley. But this is also not for now since my laptop is 2,5 years old and in very good shape.

I’ve been using Zorin as a daily lately (easy and solid) and installed Solus a couple weeks ago (Budgie is my favorite DE) but I haven’t had the time to set it up and use it extensively yet.

I can understand that. I’ve inherited an older Lenovo T450, and unfortunately it’s failing to reboot (only hard shutdowns work) and I’m not sure why. More than that, though, I wanted to support this company making sustainable hardware–and buy my first non-hand-me-down laptop!

I haven’t taken Zorin for a spin; I’ll have to take a gander. Budgie is an amazing DE, and I am super glad Solus decided to rebase on Serpent OS and bring back in leadership that also spend time on the Buddies Of Budgie project.

Today I messed around with a live ISO of Solus 4.4 in Budgie and it was so familiar and comforting. I’m leaning that way for the Framework 16 when it hopefully arrives this year.

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