Found a open source Stream Deck called Freedeck

I recently came across this on youtube and wanted to share.

I have been on the hunt to search for relatively cheap macro pads. But this looks like a good idea for those who want the features but not the premium of a high end Elgato device

Do yall have any Macro Pads yall recommend?

Since we are talking about Macropads. I also found this,

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I have a macro keyboard that I use called a Koolertron. It doesn’t have screens so its not a Stream Deck alternative but where it lacks in screens it makes up for in the amount of keys there are. :smiley:

48 Keys with 4 Profiles to switch through = 188 Keys! (1 used for switching so 47*4)

How do you keep track of all the Marcos you set? that is an insane amount of options

it totally is and it’s actually more because of how I set it up.

I setup the keyboard to use really REALLY weird shortcuts that are in conflict with nothing ever like Super+Shift+F1 or some other nonsense. This allows me to assign these weird keys to specific application functions and then I just change my mindset based on what app I am using at the time.

So how exactly do I keep track? I have no idea . . . I just do. I suppose its a really weird talent because I just remember what key does what in whatever app I am in. I also have different sets of keys in OBS depending on the show or video I am recording so I can switch between those show sets mentally somehow. Of course, if you’ve listened to DL for more than 2 episodes you know how complex my OBS setup is. lol

I keep track just naturally apparently. I even sometimes change what keys do what function right before recording and I transition fairly seamlessly. I don’t know how that remotely works but somehow I can do it.

I do think there is some benefit that I use that keyboard every day at least some so maybe I just kind of trained myself to do this stuff.

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This is an approach that I would agree with, My original plan was trying to use keys that don’t exists physically, like F13-24 or a combination of them, If My math is correct combining these in pairs of 5 (f13+f15+f20+f22+f21) would allow for 462 “buttons” to exist.

If I had to guess, Probably because you set it up manually instead of “Learning”

I just don’t know how to do that so I didn’t bother learning how to do that lol :smiley:

Depending on your system, you likely can’t do that. KDE doesn’t accept anything as modifiers other than the normal modifier keys. Though Super+F42 could theoretically work. :+1:

Well I guess kind of. I have absolutely no clue, not even in the slightest, which key does which weird shortcut combo. I only remember which key does the specific function that I need to do.

I think maybe it’s because I set it up manually but I also set them up in patterns and I’ve likely used each key hundreds of times for those functions. I think at this point I trained myself to be very adaptable to this workflow though I dont remember a time where I had any issues with it even when I first implemented it over a year ago. Zeb and Ryan always refused to believe me that I just remember it but it is what it is. :smiley:

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LOL! Looking at @MichaelTunnell 's blank keypad just makes me think of those Original StarTrek episodes with the ‘computers’ being just these big panels of un-labled blinking lights.

Did those key caps come in white-black colors in a 4x4 grid pattern, or did you arrange them that way? Where’s the red ‘Panic’ key?

Here’s my keypad.


the pattern showed in the image is the default pattern and I never changed it.

Get a Cherry MX under there and you could do active sitting.