FOSS replacement for Google Translate

Just found this service. No idea how accurate it is.


I wanted to check how accurate Polish translation would be, but it doesn’t support that language.

Same here with Danish… :frowning:

I’m sure it’s a work in progress.

Another good one…


Online Translate:
Wiki: Apertium
GitHub: GitHub - apertium/apertium-all: All Apertium language pairs, modules, tools and core

“Apertium is a free/open-source machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs but expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English-Catalan).”

"Apertium is a rule-based machine translation toolchain and ecosystem, with many of our tools based on finite-state transducers.

Our language agnostic tools are native and written in C++. The various development helpers are mostly in Python.

Our language data is in various formats, including XML and other human-editable texts. Language data is split into single-language packages that can analyse and generate a given language, and translation pairs that perform transfer and transformation between two languages. The single-language packages are shared amongst many pairs."

Frequently Asked Questions - Apertium


There’s also an app version of LibreTranslate someone created as a side project:

Argos Translate

Main site:
About: Argos Open Tech
GitHub/install instructions: GitHub - argosopentech/argos-translate: Open-source offline translation library written in Python

Catalan, nice.