FOSS PDF creating software

I’m looking for some FOSS PDF software for creating forms. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Programmatically? - like with PHP – or with a some sort of GUI instance?

If Programmatically, I would use the link below via php scripting language. I’ve been using this for a couple of decades and it is rock solid. Literally, code I wrote 15 years ago is still being used in a production environment EVERYDAY. But you’ll need a working relationship with LAMP server in general and PHP specifically.

These aren’t FOSS, but these are 2 alternatives for creating and editing PDFs.

PDF Studio - PDF Studio - PDF Editor Software for Mac, Windows and Linux
Master PDF Editor -

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LibreOffice writer can export to PDF. Just saying.

I think I used Scribus to make a PDF with boxes to fill in for a girls softball team but that has been years.


Yes, I’ve used that feature many times. I’m looking for something that will create fill-in forms in the document itself instead of entering the data in base then import the data into Writer to save as a pdf. Thanks though.

I am no legal scholar, but I feel starting to make where you can create editable documents , you start even more encroaching on the proprietary nature of the of Adobe’s IP. Thanks to that DCMA, reverse engineering is now illegal in the USA.