FOSS IDE suggestion for Linux for C/C++, Python

I’m trying to learn some programming, mainly in C, but probably python in future also. I’m looking for a FOSS IDE for these languages. Or can I just use VIM instead?

People might not like this one but Vscodium is MIT licensed and therefore GPL compatible.

Or can I just use VIM instead?

That’s what I do. I primarily write Python, HTML, CSS and JS these days and I’m using NeoVIM with some customization and additional plugins. It’s working really well for me, to the point that I couldn’t use anything else.

In general (unless you want to do Java) a full IDE isn’t needed for programming, and often gets in the way. If you really want to use an IDE, I can suggest you try the JetBrains IDEs, they’re heavy and clunky but do their job well.

For C/C++ I can also suggest you try CodeLite (a friend of mine likes it) or QtCreator.

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I’m using NeoVIM with some customization and additional plugins.

Can you tell me what VIM plugins and customization you use? I’m also using NeoVIM

Sure, here are my dotfiles. Just look at the stow branch: GabMus / mydotfiles · GitLab

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Thanks!, I check out your configs, I have most of the plugins from your config that I need, I liked the auto completion plugin so I added that.

Sorry for the late reply.

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well another good option is Atom IO with addons and extra features it can be configured well for Python.
I have not used this but I know it is recommended VCCode by Microsoft it is FOSS also.
I used to use another text editor before 2014 Atom called Sublime Text, but I am not sure if it is FOSS.
Atom is written in ElectronJS (Back End), Front End HTML, so it might use more RAM then the others.

intel has an interesting new Linux OS you can only bundle packages with swupd and has a limited number of apps atom | Clear Linux* Project, but they promise to make it developer oriented I use it only for testing not as a production or work pc. My work PC is Fedora Workstation and home PC Manjaro.

Regards, Alex

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