Foss apps for Android

I got a new phone but of course everything on it is google based any suggestions for alternatives. Im already going to put duck duck go, brave, kde connect, and open camera, on it. Any suggestion for a gallery and sutch? Thanks

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If you want to go whole hog then blow away the OS and flash LineageOS if your phone is capable though easy-mode to wholesome apps is Pat’s recommendation, just looking through the categories.

When I used Android, Jota++ on the Play Store was a beautiful note taking app and it’s great for programming.


There is a suite of apps on f-droid that are all open source replacements for some of the basic default apps on every phone. It has stuff like calendar, clock, photo gallery, SMS, file manager, music player and so on. They may not always be the most feature packed and there may be better FOSS alternatives of their individual apps, but they are all decent alternatives to the OEM/google variants if you prefer something open. The great thing is you can pick and choose between which of those you use vs something else that may be better in some way that is also FOSS.

my favorite mobile browser is bromite. It is chromium but without all the google crap, and it has some good privacy features added as well.

Davx5 is awesome if you want to sync contacts and calendars using something like nextcloud.

Aegis for 2fa

open board is a decent keyboard, slide for reddit if you use that, standard notes for note-taking, xbrousersync, amaze file browser and news blur are some of the stuff I use that is FOSS on android
oh, and EDS if you need to decrypt any files you encrypted using VeraCrypt.


This was so helpful, thank you.


I would but unfortunately life. Thanks for the note app suggestion

On my Volla phone, which is a degoogled android, now running VollaOs, i have the F-droid and Aurora store.
Both have a slew of open source apps.
I’m never buying a google phone ever again!

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Perfect timing on this thread and may I ask to dovetail on this discussion for an answer myself.

Currently, I am using an iphone 11 which is getting along with some issues and does not have the freedom I prefer and I was formally Android but that has since failed the privacy that I have preferred. With the recent new release of LineageOS, I am considering going back to the Android based realm and use F-Droid, etc as my needs are pretty basic – phone calls, texting, maybe mastodon and the like, some mapping for driving and running, and occasional camera usage but not pro or anything. KDE-Connect is a big feature for me (the iOS version does not do messaging) as it enables me to text and access my phone through my larger screen and keyboard (a plus for accessibility).

I am a bit beyond on my knowledge of android devices and brands, but for a US citizen, any suggestions for a good device compatible with Lineage?

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What’s your budget? @axiomjoyride

Some great points being made here while we make-do with a very non-ideal situation in terms of the current mobile OSes. Hopefully the FOSS apps can help us through until Linux on phones becomes a very workable daily solution. I think we’re getting close!

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I am honestly not looking until the August area but under $300 if possible. Looking for longevity in support as well.

Probably can pick up a Google Pixel 5 for around that by then I’d guess.

Aurora store doesn’t have all open source things, in case you’re thinking it is. It lets you access most of Google Play store without having Google Play services installed.

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