Forums are really slow

Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing it, too?

The forums are awfully slow for me. It is now going on like that for some days, maybe even more than a week already. Every time when I click to open a thread or a category I only get the spinning circle and that’s it. I have to refresh the page various times before it barely opens.
Other sites open fine. Right now I am using Firefox-ESR. There is always the occasional glitch with some heavy JavaScript site. I know this forum uses Discourse and that itself seems heavier or slower in general.

I tested my internet connection and no issues.

Everything good here. No speed or other issues…

Similarly no issues here though i’m using ungoogled-chromium

Could be worth manually clearing your cache and restarting Firefox.

Good idea.

You could also try Firefox’s troubleshooting mode to see if it’s a bad interaction with an extension or a setting:

firefox-esr -safe-mode

“In addition to disabling add-ons (extensions and themes) and turning off hardware acceleration, Firefox Troubleshoot Mode disables Enhanced Tracking Protection and Safe Browsing features. Firefox Troubleshoot Mode also disables the JavaScript Just-in-time (JIT) compiler and ignores the optional userContent.css and userChrome.css files (if present). The xulstore.json file, which saves customizations to window sizes, toolbar settings and controls, is also ignored; however, any changes stored in modified preferences remain in effect.”

Also using Firefox (non-ESR). No slowdowns or lag here either.

Ahahahah apparently ONE MONTH of lag. LOL. (Sorry.)

I wanted to say that I really had less problems in the last month, also we allegedly had some problems with our provider and even the router. Sometimes all kind of problems accumulate but as I received an email about your reply and I am not kidding, the page loaded again very slowly when I wanted to open it for the first time in a month. :sweat_smile: There has to be some kind of black magic here.

At least we have a new router now even though I know the provider was just giving us sh***y service. But the guys from Telefónica are just incompetent.

No problem here, I’m using the android app and also Telefonica as provider in Chile.