Firewalla, any good?

Seen firewalla advertised and wondering if it’s any good?


A new one to add to the list.

I don’t have any experience with this one.

Not very creative with the name…

Accidental necro post but I think good information either way:

What you’re buying is mostly a GUI that’s stacked on top of existing network/security FOSS software so it’s easy to use.

Firewalla will probably gatekeep those updates until they know they won’t break their GUI so you’re entering into a relationship with this company trusting them to allow these updates through quickly (and keep their own Web stack updated and secure) for as long as you have their product.

As you might imagine, not allowing updates or waiting years between updates (like home routers do) cuts IT cost very low and the people they’re marketting to are less likely to know (and in this case have already paid) so i’d go in eyes wide open especially if it’s not an establish brand WITH a history of providing fast updates.

Having said all that… this could be radically superior to a home router even if it’s never updated.