Firewall and Printers in Opensuse

Ryan I watched the Arch vs Opensuse video and I did not see anything about setting up a printer. I could not find anything on allowing a wireless printer so I turned off the firewall

in services and the printer works. Do you have a link to the steps to allowing the printer though the firewall?

I am not using firewalld, that is the firewall OpenSUSE and Fedora use. But I would open firewalld (the GUI) and take a look there to to allow printing.
I guess in OpenSUSE you could find the settings also in Yast.

Edit: Now I remember what I did on a CentOS machine. I did not disable the firewall but I changed the zone to home.
Here is a link that might help:

I can’t recall the exact steps but there is an area in Yast where you can turn on individual firewall components vs turning everything on and off. I’ve asked Nathan Wolf who is OpenSUSE SME to come on here and give you some more details. I would think you could just open up CUPS services on the Firewall. YaST Printer - openSUSE Wiki

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If you go into the Firewall settings of YaST. Not that I would recommend it, but since Ubuntu by default doesn’t have a firewall activated you could turn off the firewall in openSUSE long enough to do the auto config process, than raise the firewall after it is complete.

Since that is a kind of hokey way you can also get the IP and connect directly, that is the way I do it but the “easy” way is to open up 5353 UDP port for Bonjour (mDNS). Bonjour is typically used for IP address and name resolution. I personally keep those ports closed.

You didn’t mention what kind of printer you were using but I think this is a valuable reference, none the less.

Hope that helps!

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Hey thanks to both of you guys for your help. It’s a weird problem. I have a HP Envy printer. I’l try and work your solution. At least I know it works with the firewall down. I’m using OpenSuse because of that great interview with you Nate, so thanks it’s a great OS.

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I’m glad you liked it. I am not 100% sure on this, but it is more common for Linux distros to ship with the firewall off because of how it limits services locally. You have to explicitly tell openSUSE at install time to not start the firewall to get that same “friendliness” other distros have.

I use only HP printers and it works fantastically well. I use the HP Device manager for the printers
sudo zypper in hplip

That will give you what you need to very, very nicely manage HP printers from their own interface software.

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