Firejail App

I ran across an article about Firejail. It apparently sandboxes apps running in Linux.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

Hi Haroldcrews,

I have only just seen your post, so sorry for the delay in replying.

I have experience of using Firejail and heartily recommend it as a sandbox application. I use it to sandbox my web browser (Firefox) in Linux Mint 20 and Ubuntu 20.04 and it works great. Firejail also has a GUI you can download called Firetools which I can also recommend. Here are a couple of links which you may find useful to look at:

Firejail has a website which tells you all about the sandbox application:

Firejail sandbox have a Youtube channel you may find useful to have a look at:

I agree with Jesse Smith of Distrowatch who said in his review of Firejail (in DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 649, 22 February 2016) “In today’s world of security breaches and privacy concerns, my opinion is: Why wouldn’t someone use Firejail?”

I hope this information may still be useful for you or anyone else who may be interested.


Just to second this, it’s VERY easy to use and comes with pretty sane defaults. It also goes very deep when/if you’re willing to dive further.

Opening a throw away Firefox with a predefined Firefox profile, network config and it’s own X session running in a xephyr window can be done in a SINGLE COMMAND! Really impressive stuff.

Good links @db9


I’ve been using Firejail for a couple of months now. I use “Firetools - Network” to load Firefox & Thunderbird. These are the 2 programs I connect to the web everyday. You can check if you’re sandboxed by running “firejail --list” in your terminal. So far everything looks great.