Firefox / Mozilla, Browser security and ad blocking

So I assumed that any divisions here would be based on Google Chrome wanting to protect google advertising. Maybe I am wrong and there is more at play here.

Would be happy to be wrong. So according to the Verge…

"There is a growing split over how much room browsers should leave for ad blocking — and Chrome and Firefox have ended up on opposite sides of the fight.

The rupture centers on a feature called Web Request, commonly used in ad blockers and crucial for any system that looks to block off a domain wholesale. Google has long had security concerns about Web Request and has worked to cut it out of the most recent extension standard, called Manifest V3, or MV3 for short. But, [in a recent blog post] Mozilla made clear that Firefox will maintain support for Web Request, keeping the door open for the most sophisticated forms of ad blocking."

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A wise and influential person recently said “ad blocking is piracy”. Not naming any names.

I’m not against ads, in that I understand creators need to get paid. I am definitely against ad tracking. So if I’m on a niche chocolate website, show me all sorts of ads for chocolate lovers, I get it. But if I look up a new car, I don’t want new car ads everywhere I go on the internet, because now they think I’m trying to buy a new car.

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There are also privacy concerns involved with tracking, also some security concerns.

Back in the old days the internet was an open platform where you could go where you wanted and read what you wanted, and also post your own content, without being monitored.

Sadly that optimistic ideal for the internet now seems like ancient history, and the chances of getting back there are nil.

How were those original site monetized?

Pre Google or Amazon, people were still dreaming of how to make money off the World Wide Web. Some successes and failures but nothing on the scale of today.