Firefox Issue

HI, I have been using Ublock Origin and it has worked fine in Firefox but about a week ago, it started giving an error code on YouTube videos. I installed a different ad blocker and the same thing error code and the Firefox tab locks up.

Anyone else experiencing this ? Is there something else I can use ?

Thank You for any help.


What’s the error code it’s throwing at you? I have noticed that it wants different permissions lately.

The only times I have problems with uBlock Origin is if I turn it on and off in a tab with YouTube open.

HI this happens with Ublock Origin so I uninstalled it and tried another ad block same thing happens.
This is in Kubuntu .

I have Elementary on another drive same thing happens. Its not always same error.
If I uninstall the Ublock origin or ad block in either distribution YouTube runs fine no problem.

Sometimes it even freezes the Firefox tab.

Ublock was working fine for years .

Anyhow Thanks for Replies


Just tried two other browsers chrome and Vivaldi with Ublock Origin installed works fine.
I guess its a Firefox issue.

Thanks for the replies I’ll just switch Browsers for watching YouTube.


Probably not a Firefox issue, but probably Goolag trying to get you to switch to a Chromium based browser. I understand they will be removing all Ad Blocking extensions.

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This and the fact that others using uBlock don’t have this problem suggests that it’s not problem with extension.

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