Finally, I got my PinePhone UBPorts and

… I can tell you that I am impressed with this device. I have ordered the UB Ports Community Edition and for the price, this is an amazing machine. Both the quality of the phone and the operating system just shine to me. A word of warning: I am not a geek, I am a nurse. I can hack people by putting needles or tubes in their bodies but with computers, I am not that good :). I already managed to screw my PinePhone when I messed up with OS development version. I tried to flash the device using the preferred way, but the PinePhone was not booting at all. I used the JumpDrive and the phone works again. Yes, I agree that the software is limited and not fully operational. Yes, you cannot add online accounts easily, the desktop functionality does not yet exist or transferring contacts from my old Samsung S7 is not as straightforward as it would be to any android phone. But I can make calls and receive calls; send messages and browse the internet. The PinePhone is more than I expected and more than I was hoping for. I can see this device becoming my daily driver and want to say a massive Thank You! to Pine64 and UB Ports community!

Have any of you guys got your PinePhones yet? What are your first impressions?


What carrier do you have? I looked at the UB Ports and the current PostMarket CE they have offered.

I live in the UK and I use o2 network. I also looked at the PostMarket CE phone and I envy the docking station. I will certainly get one for my PP in the future. A few days ago I ordered a dedicated screen protector from Pine64.

I am still waiting for mine to arrive. Can you put different OSes on an SD card to try them out or is there more to it than that?

That’s it. If you want to try another OS, just flash it to an SD card, put it in the device and reboot.

The PinePhone boots from SD card as it’s first boot device, so it’s that easy to test other systems.


Is there a Manjaro version for it?

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For the PinePhone?
Yes. See the Manjaro forum posts for Plasma Mobile Edition and Phosh Edition. They are still in alpha stage though, as some things still don’t work right.


Manjaro is a great Linux based on Arch I am using it on my home pc with gnome, my arm tablet and pinebook pro both use the plasma arm manjaro version optimized very well and works really fast.

Knowing how dedicated and hardworking the manjaro team is I am sure they will have a pinephone version when it is ready, based on experience with pinebook ISOs, should work great as all others.

Regards, Alex

This is what I love about the PinePhone. While UB Ports, Postmarket OS and Mobian seem to have the most of attention at present only time will tell which one OS will become dominant for this phone.

I know lots of you guys love Manjaro, so there is something for you: Pine64 announced today that the next community version of the PinePhone will run on Manjaro. I believe that Manjaro PinePhones will be available from mid September. Please refer to Pine64 for further details :slight_smile: