FF 98 theming

Running Manjaro KDE.

Can I have Firefox NOT have my system theme? Firefox 98 just updated and now it’s dark. I like the dark system theme, hate the dark Firefox theme. Is there a way for it to go back to how it was? I can’t really read the URL bar, I can’t see/read most of the icons that are pinned on my ‘new tab’ page, etc. I can change my whole distro theme, but I’d prefer to change just FF. This is not an FF theme, color scheme just updated when I updated to FF98

Can you confirm you have this theme setting?

Hamburger menu > Customize… > click “Themes” button
Insure it’s set to Default.


I also found this which is old but maybe useful:

  • Address bar: about:config
  • Preference search: widget.chrome.allow-gtk-dark-theme
  • Make sure the value is set to “true”. Double click to change it.

It was set to system theme. I set it to Light Theme and that helped. Thanks.