Feedback Request: What Are Your Thoughts on Destination Linux using Road Sound Effects?

I have a question for the listeners of Destination Linux who listen to the show while driving. I am curious if this would be problematic to people and if I should avoid doing it.

I was thinking about leaning into the Destination/Journey angle in the audio of the show. Like Road sound effects for transitions.

Important Notice: There will NEVER be a car horn, a siren, or anything else that is jarring

I am thinking of more subtle sound effects like the sound of an engine starting, a car driving by, maybe blinkers or something.

What are your thoughts?

  • Road / Car Sounds would be cool
  • That’s fine as long are you aren’t evil with car horns and sirens
  • I’d prefer you didnt do that at all
  • I don’t care either way
  • I don’t know, I’d have to hear an example first before giving an opinion

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I often listen to DL while driving to and from work and I feel it would disturb my driving a bit if there are random traffic sounds while I’m driving. :slight_smile:


I too listen in the car. But I think a well placed drive-by or even a crash could be fun. It depends on how it is used.

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