Fedora 35 for gamers?

From The Register:


I’ve been gaming on Fedora OOTB for 7yrs. . . Nothing special needed.


Have you tried this out @Eltuxo? I’ve seen this posted in several places, but not actually seen a review yet.

I personally tried downloading it when I was having issues with my install and were going to reinstall the whole system anyway, but the mirrors were so slow that it kept failing in the middle of it.

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That makes it really hard to actually give it a try.

@TheWendyPower not yet. I don’t have the time these days to play any game whatsoever. There’s not enough time in a day it seems. Work and other sideprojects (music) keep me from gaming. But i’ll get around to it… XD

I understand that! I have many games on my list that I haven’t gotten to yet. Other than watching the kids play VR, that has been the scope of my gaming experience for at least a month.

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