Fedora 33 to Adopt Btrfs as Default!

Originally published at: https://frontpagelinux.com/uncategorized/fedora-33-to-adopt-btrfs-as-default/

A few years ago, there was one thing I always remember hearing–“Btrfs is not ready”. This was always confusing to me since the decision for utilizing Btrfs as a file system caused the two largest Linux-based enterprise companies to take polar opposite stances. Instead of allowing the file system as an option, Red Hat chose…

I’ll definitely be watching how successfully they pull this off. If it works with nobody’s data getting lost, then they will have a rather large advantage over many other distros, who will be apparently shown up as being too conservative (in just playing it ultra-safe with ext4, but then having no features like filesystem snapshotting, etc).

As long as the install is to a non-USB, non-RAID-5-or-6 attached drive, then I expect there will be no data loss. But if Fedora doesn’t discriminate against USB-attached drives getting installed to (and there is now a possibility of a flaky USB controller, cough cough Realtek, introducing errors, which will appear to be Fedora’s fault), then they might bring a bad name upon themselves.

Dear Fedora, I suggest refusing to install using BTRFS, if a USB controller is between the installer, and the target installation media. Just don’t. Install BTRFS only to “internal” disks, meaning SATA-attached, M.2 attached, etc. Not USB-attached. Protect your reputation.

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