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I’ve recently made myself a Mastodon account, and I’ve been reading about this ActivityPub protocol, and I can see it’s used by other platforms like PeerTube and such. What I can see that it’s fine interacting with people on other Mastodon instances, I see I can’t leave a comment on a PeerTube video from my Mastodon account, but it seems like I could toot it on my profile?

Does anyone have some more experience on how these ActivityPub based social media platforms interact?

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I have recently joined Mastodon as I usually avoid social media due to privacy concerns and I definitely think federated is a step forward. I don’t really know about the protocol you mention though. If it’s still in infancy, perhaps in later versions better integration will be possible :slight_smile:

I would suggest that Matrix is more so the zeitgeist, if you are wanting federated social media, which is all Open Source. The Matrix ecosystem seems to have more momentum than Mastadon, at this time.

I agree that ActivityPub is still in its infancy, @ak2020

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Matrix is very useful, especially the DLN room. I find Mastodon useful too, for example for news bots.

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Matrix is great, but isn’t it… a chat protocol?

Social media is much more than just chat. Or am I missing something?


I was speaking in a shorthand way. I meant “the entire Matrix ecosystem, which includes many different clients, etc.”

To name a few things using ActivityPub at this time:

  • Mastodon (twitter like)
  • PeerTube (youtube like)
  • Pixelfed (instagram like)
  • Diaspora (facebook like)

So most parts of “social media” is covered with ActivityPub.

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I have accounts on various social media networks including Federated kind like Mastodon, Diaspora, PeerTube, etc. They are all quite interesting and depending what is needed I think they all have some value.

I think the ActivityPub value is very cool but it depends on what each service integrates it to do. For example, Mastodon and PeerTube both use it so you can subscribe to PeerTube channels as a column in your Mastodon Feed and stuff like that. It’s cool but kind of limited in integration overall, federated comments would be baller.

Anyway, this thread is quite timely actually . . . I can’t give away too much of what is happening this weekend but be sure to join us on Sunday for the Livestream of Destination Linux on DLNLive.com because this topic of Federated networks might be covered. :smiley:


I’d love to join, but the liveshow is always on when I’m sleeping :frowning_face:

I exactly had this question about PeerTube, as I was able to do a “quote toot” on a peertube hosted video, but wasn’t able to comment on it.
I think if we want federated services to be successful - and better than what the big US companies can give - interoperability (through ActivityPub or any other open standard) is the key.

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The big companies don’t do this either.
You can’t comment on a Youtube video, directly from twitter, can you? You still need a youtube account for that.

I’m pretty sure that was their point, that federated services need additional features like that which big tech doesn’t provide in order to be successful to get people to transition.

Ah sorry. My mistake. Misunderstood @nicemicro.

Side note: Not only do you need a Google-wide account in Youtube, but you further need to create a Youtube Channel, to comment in Youtube. In other words, to comment in Youtube that very first time, is to necessarily create a Youtube channel.

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What I figured is that you can actually comment on PeerTube videos with a Mastodon account!
I demonstrate how it works it in my new video on the topic.

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Glad you figured it out! I think it is actually pretty cool the way they set it up - you comment from the other platform, but it shows up as a local comment. This works for Mastodon, Peertube, and Pixelfed. I imagine Diaspora would work too, but I don’t use that one. I’m mostly on Mastodon, so I like that in addition to leaving comments on videos, I can subscribe to PeerTube channels right from the Mastodon interface (providing I know the channel name and server).

PixelFed too?
That one didn’t work for me for some reason.

That’s sad to hear. I was hoping to start my own PixelFed instance in the future.

Well, I’m still going to do it, so once I finally get to it, I’ll definitively check if it’s fixed by then.

Well, it is quite possible that it was only the instance I was trying to access with my Mastodon account was not set up that way, or I missed something.