Favorite GNOME extensions?

Thought I’d start a thread where GNOME users can mention extensions that they find particularly useful. Sifting through them on the site is a bit of a chore.

I’ll throw a few out there to get started:

Creates a menu of your installed extensions, allowing you to enable/disable/configure them from a taskbar icon.

Allows you to connect and do a number of things with your smartphone. My understanding is that it is essentially a GNOME wrapper for KDE’s extension.

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Dash to Dock and gTile are the only extensions I download at the moment.

I love Gnome and it is my current DE but the only thing I can’t stand is that you can’t tile your windows to take up a 1/4 of the screen. The only option by default is tiling to half the screen.


gnome-shell-pomodoro. Even though it’s a bit flaky at times, still helps me focus and keep track of my time.

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I am on Ubuntu 19.10 Beta at the moment so I’m using their appindicators extension. Otherwise, this is what I use to tame the GNOME.

Dash to Dock
Media Player Indicator
Sound Input & Output Device Chooser
Touchpad Indicator
Ubuntu AppIndicators
User Themes

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I don’t use GNOME and havent for a while but when I do, I would always install this one Quick Close in Overview ( I used to maintain it as well )

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Activities Configurator, Dash to Dock, Emoji selector,


Dash to Panel and Arc Menu are the primary ones, I usually end up installing Caffeine and a couple others.


I’ve been on Pop!_OS for a while now, and have gotten quite used to the Gnome DE. Here are some go-to extensions I use:

Arc Menu
Dash to Panel


I’m normally a purist, but for whatever reason, the last month I’ve doubled down on them (must be something in the water :woman_shrugging:). Here’s my current list:

  • PaperWM (a bizarro tiling window manager)
  • Switcher (think dmenu or rofi)
  • Emoji selector
  • Caffine
  • Gpaste
  • Appindicator Support
  • Remove dropdown arrows

@bumdeedharma @kj4ohh reminded me of Emoji Selector and Caffine :smiley: I consequently downloaded them immediately to add to my collection.

  • Applications Menu
  • Dash to Panel
  • Panel Indicators (thanks to a @popey video)
  • Remove Dropdown Arrows

I also have a few System76-specific ones but that’s due to my using Pop.