Favorable Tutorials for Dark Table

Hey all you darktable users!

My wife is a budding photographer, and is wanting to edit some photos as well as what she calls ‘cloning’ but describes as taking the smile from person A in image 1 and putting it on the same person in Image b (or their eyes, etc).

She’s also very new to darktable, so I was hoping I could get some people who are more experienced to suggest some quality tutorials to get her started! (I wanted to say best, but realize that ‘best’ is subjective!)

Cloning smiles or removing unwanted background elements is outside the scope of what darktable is designed to do. The purpose of DT is to process raw files and develop them into generally viewable images. Adobe Lightroom is exactly the same. For those tasks you will need a trip to an image editor like gimp/glimpse or krita. In the Adobe universe, round trips to Photoshop are needed to remove anything larger than dust specks.