Fan control GUI tool

Is there a GUI tool (and a good one) to control a computer’s fans?

Arch wiki has a really good run down on options and vendor specific stuff.

thinkfan has a GUI, it’s for ThinkPads but can work on other hardware (sometimes). Follow the instructions from that link ^

There’s also fancontrol which is available in Debian/Ubuntu repos:

sudo apt install lm-sensors fancontrol

On Arch repos it’s called fancontrol-gui

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Thanks for sharing that.

I got fancontrol-gui. A little underwhelming, IMO. Wish it was able to distinguish a system fan from CPU fan.

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On Arch in the AUR there is GKraken if you have NZXT’s Kraken liquid cooling etc. I use this. AUR (en) - gkraken

Gonna be strictly air cooling for my next build.

Saw this video from JayzTwoCents about this fan control, but it’s Windows only.