Fairphone 4 5G Unboxing & First Impressions (eOS!)

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Once my Pixel 4a running GrapheneOS has to be replaced I’ll look into Fairphone. For now the Pixel does everything I want it to and nothing I don’t.

LOL. The key determinant.

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8-Track Tapes

The main flaw in 8-track tapes showed up in cold weather. When cold, they would drag. For most of the 1970’s I lived where it could get very cold on a regular basis. You’d go out to your car 5 minutes before you had to take off just so you could get the engine warmed up and perhaps get some heat blowing on the windshield to melt a hole in the frost. If you picked up your jam and slid it into the 8-track tape player while the tape was cold, it would drag and slow the song down to about 3/4 speed.

The trick was to put the tape up on the dash directly over the defroster vent and warm the cartridge up before popping it into the player.

Then occasionally you would have a tape that was nearing its end of life and the only way to get it to play was to slide a sliver of a Popsicle stick or folded top flap from a cigarette box along side the tape to hold the cartridge in against the player’s drive wheel.

And of course if you had very many of the 8-track tapes, you had to have some place to store them other than the seat or floor of your car. Most music lovers had what was essentially a suitcase of tapes in the back seat and probably another in the trunk.