Facebook doesn’t know what I am talking about

Well facebook your an idiot then

Am grateful that Linux does not use any sort of AI like Facebook and google seem to be. Please do not give me an AI assistant.

Since when is expressing an opinion on Flatpak or Snaps spam?

I am hardly sending emails out to millions of users. Is it that flatpak and snap are the new normal and saying anything against them is seen as politically incorrect. Or that I am expressing an opinion of my own, because no one on facebook expresses their own opinions do they?

That would make any discussion about Gnome vs KDE, Nvidia vs AMD, SystemD or Pipewire also Spam if you go by the amount of heated debate it generates.

Linux is not defined by Snapd or Flatpack.

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Facebook cencorship is crazy in my opinions. You should have your opinions. I personally love flatpaks and snaps, but what floats your boat. They have gotten very good lately.

I’m not crazy about the number of loopback devices snaps leave mounted even after you exit

Basically, it’s the structure when you access a file as a media device; like when you mount an ISO/IMG tend not to delete their temp files until (at least in suse & fedora)


It is far from a nonstarter, and I use a few snaps.

Maybe the simplest way to explain the loopback device is to say that it provides the possibility of “a filesystem within a filesystem”. Do with that device as you will. The generic use of such devices - when used carefully, and at the right times - is one of the things that makes the UNIX philosophy so great.

I, for one, praise the clever use of the loopback device, by Snaps. It’s a good way to get some clean “containment”. Snaps using the loopback device is totally “fair game”.

Sure, there is annoyingly more output to see in the “mount” command, but then you can always filter for what you need to see, by piping it through grep. The output of “lsblk” is also much more tidy than “mount”.

Snap-haters are invited to try the following command:

lsblk | egrep -v loop
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