Experience with RiseUp VPN?

I was poking around SnapCraft and found a snap for RiseUp VPN, which I’d never heard of before. I checked the site and it looks legit and very simple to install and use, but a few minutes of searching didn’t yield much in terms of reviews or security assessments. Does anyone have experience with it or know much about it? Here’s the link:

RiseUp VPN

I didn’t know about the VPN, but I have used their email service, and found them responsive and helpful when I had an issue. Their “About” page talks about their goals and philosophy, although anyone can say or write anything, of course. Good luck.

according to a review the free part is a free trial. Also it has no kill switch.

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My rule of thumb is usually “don’t trust free VPN”. I haven’t used it before, personally, but this might be one of the better free options due to their commitment to not track users (that’s what they say at least on their VPN page). However, I have a feeling it might not be as reliable as PIA or Nord.

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VPN providers are frequently discovered to be data mining or operating in shady ways. They need to be assumed unsafe until proven otherwise by security researchers so that’s what you’d be looking for. If you can’t find anything it’s a bad idea by default.

If you don’t mind a recommendation… ProtonVPN is extremely good, it’s based in Switzerland and it’s a subsidiary of Proton Technologies AG who also made Protonmail. I use one of their paid tiers and i’d highly recommend it.

They’re also the only provider I know of that provides connections that tunnel through a Swiss server prior to the destination country which they label “SecureCore”. It’s a hedge against different jurisdictions compromising the anonymity of the exit server.



I’ve used RiseUp VPN a while ago. I still use their email and like others have said, they are responsive and I believe their statements are true. It’s free which can make you pause but charging for services would be somewhat against their goals…

On the technical side, I was running the VPN on Mac OS and iPad at that time. It was troublesome on the Mac but mainly because of the little software they recommended. On the iPad I experienced some « connected but not connected » only solved with a disconnect and connect again. I moved on to Private VPN since

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I realized today they changed their VPN, before they were using bitmask application. So you can disregard the second paragraph n the post above as it’s no longer accurate.

I’m testing the new one on Budgie and it’s a nice start : easy installation through software app, no login or password. Cannot choose your server though :thinking:

More to come in a few days (speed, reliability and such) :blush:

[edit :] speed is nice and service is reliable. A what is my IP locates me in France and apparently the servers they use are loaned to Illiad (which owns Free mobile in France). Due to what’s happening in France it doesn’t make me feel confortable with the service. That plus too many questions unanswered about how they do it made me uninstall their VPN

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