Evolution-on pkg for Fedora?

Hello there,

I am currently using Fedora / Cinnamon, I wanted to install evolution-rss and evolution-on, but the later is missing from the repos, I got the fusion repo, it is missing there too,

Is anyone using it on Fedora? I’d like to know how to get it.


This is how far I got…

It looks like it’s only available on Arch repos: https://pkgs.org/search/?q=evolution-on

Inside what’s probably the git repo

“About: evolution-tray plugin suitable for arch packaging and with useful patches”

Last commit was 6 years ago, yikes.

Checking the AUTHORS file:

Original evolution-tray plugin:
Initiator and Maintainer:
Lucian Langa lucilanga@gnome.org

Hunting evolution-tray…

evolution-tray isn’t in any repos: https://pkgs.org/search/?q=evolution-tray

Gnome seems to have it:

Info page: Evolution Tray - evolulution-plugins
Git: https://gnome.eu.org/cgit/evolution-tray/
Last commit 2014-03-14, yikes.

I attempted a test install in a VM:

sudo dnf install evolution
# Run Evolution and close
sudo dnf install wget tar gcc intltool evolution-devel
wget http://gnome.eu.org/evolution-tray-0.0.8.tar.gz
tar -xf ./evolution-tray-0.0.8.tar.gz
cd evolution-tray-0.0.8

Ends in the following error:

checking Evolution version… 3.30.5
Package evolution-plugin-3.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `evolution-plugin-3.0.pc’
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
No package ‘evolution-plugin-3.0’ found
configure: error: Unable to find plugin directory

Plugins appear to be here /usr/lib64/evolution/plugins/? Not sure where it’s looking.

Didn’t get much searching No package 'evolution-plugin-3.0' found.

According to this, evolution-tray…

“simply minimizes Evolution and hides it from the pager to behave as “closed””

The answer is probably going to be a generic app that’ll do that for any app. I don’t know of one off hand though…

I got it to work. This is Fedora 34 XFCE but it should work fine on Cinnamon.

The “newest” version of evolution-on is a fork of this version which is a fork of evolution-tray.

Having attempted to brute force my way through installing all three, the 1st (newest) was the success story, the 2nd one I got to install but it didn’t work and the 3rd I couldn’t get beyond all the errors.

The closest advice I got was here but it’s for Ubuntu and the package dependency names were almost entirely different. I basically just hammered my way through the errors and did it again on a clean VM so I could strip out the packages I didn’t need. Of course I couldn’t resist installing neofetch for a victory screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue:

How to install evolution-on in Fedora:

# Install dependencies
sudo dnf install evolution evolution-devel git gcc libtool GConf2-devel intltool

# Download evolution-on
mkdir evolution_on && cd evolution_on
git clone https://github.com/acidrain42/evolution-on.git ./

# Build and install
autoreconf -sivf
sudo make install

# Optional cleanup
sudo dnf remove evolution-devel git gcc libtool GConf2-devel intltool

# Cleanup Note: If `evolution` was installed seperately, removing
# `evolution-devel` will not remove `evolution`. `evolution` is
# included in the dnf install at the top to insure this is the case.

Both forks of evolution-tray belong to community maintainers who haven’t touched their accounts (let alone evolution-on) in several years and evolution-tray is similarly abandoned. I’d probably take this as a shot across the bow that it’s time to find a generic alternative. If you do find one i’d love it if you posted it here.

Thanks @Daemonicvs and glad I could help :slight_smile: