Ergo Chair

So I’m in dire need of a new chair at home. Current one is literally falling apart. I’m in the market for on of the mesh/ergonomic type chairs. Was hoping I could get some suggestions. Trying to not go over 300USD and let’s just say I’m a bigger guy so weight limit is fairly important.

I had used the Staples 21076 in my study for many years. (made for a bigger person). I looked more comfortable that it actually was for extended periods.

When I was putting together an office for my wife, we tested a few, and while it was a bit more than what I was accustomed to spending on a chair, the Serta Verona was an instant sell. In fact, I found myself gravitating more towards her chair over the recliner I had. It’s meant to be a 10-hr day task chair. She bought me one for my birthday a few years back, and I have had NO complaints.

Supportive, soft, quiet, comfortable. Great for leaning back and contemplating, and perfect for leaning forward to get projects done.

Otherwise, I’m sure @MichaelTunnell would have a more ‘active’ stance.



So you haven’t had any trouble with the “leather” disintegrating on you? That’s one of the many problems with mine. It’s mostly exposed cushion by now because the “leather” wasn’t exactly leather and did NOT stand the test of time. I was hoping the mesh of the “ergonomic” chairs would alleviate that but I’m worried about that mesh standing up to my heft.

If this one was just about $100 cheaper I’d probably already had made up my mind.
But if you’re a few years into ownership of that model and aren’t seeing the tearing and cracking, I may consider staying with the cushion style.

they make a higher-backed version of the Serta Verona. I went with the shorter task chair because, well… being Serta I didn’t want to fall asleep at my desk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a lot of purchases these days, you’ll want to actually sit in one for a good little while and see what you think before plopping down $300.

I own an Autonomous ErgoChair 2 (affiliate link) and I am fairly happy with it. I have owned this chair for a little over a year and the cushion is just fine. I sit in the chair for at least 10 hours a day for over a year and it is still a good cushion so I am happy with that part.

The back of the chair is mesh so it is nice and breathable there. The headrest is nice too and the multiple locks for positioning is nice.

The only problem I have so far is the armrests are not very comfortable as they dont have much cushioning. However, they also had an air pocket in them making it so eventually rips have occurred from the air being forced out by my elbows. Overall a good chair but not a perfect option by any stretch. I am currently trying to see if they will replace the arm rests and if they do then that will solve my biggest gripe with the chair.

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