Episode 91 | This Week in Linux

Linux Mint, Peppermint, EndeavourOS, Feren OS, Parted Magic, Alpine, Purism | This Week in Linux 91


Thank you for touching on the Purism history. I’d be mostly in the dark otherwise aside from my disillusionment with the Librem 5.

Saved the link to Parted Magic, good one.

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@MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael. Very informative show. I have to say EndeavourOS sounds more interesting to me than Manjaro due to its being closer to Arch. Feron OS definitely sounds worth trying too, as does Alpine. I’ve heard of the latter, but now knowing it will run on a Pi 4 makes it worth investigating even further. I have tended to use CloneZilla for cloning and GParted for partitioning though perhaps the Parted Magic solution bundles everything in a more tidy way. Thanks for the recommendation.

With Purism I guess the Linux community would love to see real results, though trust is a big part of this and it needs to be upheld through reputable work. I think the transparency and pragmatism of Pine64 seems far preferable to me.