Epic Games Kills Rocket League on Linux

so after 2,000 hours over 3-4 years of playing RocketLeague on Linux, EpicGames has decided I can’t play their game.

8 months ago Epic bought Psyonix, I was concerned because Tim Sweeney is Anti-Linux. I said on This Week in Linux and on DL that I was worried about this because Sweeney has repeatedly said negative things towards Linux over the years and well . . . Tim proved me right, this is a time I really didn’t want to be.


I like how samsai thinks.

It’s a good opportunity for someone to create an open source replacement for it.

Not that I think it will happen but it would be cool to get a fundraiser going to have a really good game made as an alternative to RL and others. Linux support only ofc :skateboard:

I’m not very happy about this either. I’ve only played like 2 hours, but after the update in March the game will be worthless.

Talk about Epic Fail. Pun intended.

Just stay on Steam and you can’t go wrong.

I’ve never seen Michael get upset. Ever…until today. Thanks a lot Epic.


That’s disgrace Tim Sweeney And EPIC…:scream::scream::scream::triumph: I can’t believe this its LINUX i mean come on. All these idiots just don’t want to look bad. Also, a lot of company’s are banning Games on Linux just like this idiot. Its so stupid. What’s the big deal Sweeney. It can’t be Money cuz guess what you only buy game once. O wait its greed. GO ahead I wont be buying your games on EPIC

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I knew something was wrong when maybe a couple of years ago, the CryEngine DE was pushed onto the Epic Games application, and a subscription was now required.

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We (open source community) are pretty great at programming, but making good games requires great art and music.
While we do have very talented people in those areas gathering those who would want to work on this particular project and put lot of time into it and hell of a task.

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I’d like to love your post for letting us know, but it just doesn’t seem right because of the content of the message.

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Not sure how you’re supposed to feel good or have confidence in Linux gaming if these developers keep pulling the plug for one reason or another. In this case it’s more aggrevating because of who and why it was done!


I only know of 2 games that have done this so I dont think 2 games, even big games, is something to be concerned about in the grand scheme. Even the Windows players for RL are yelling at Epic Games for this. Everyone essentially hates Epic Games :sunglasses:

Ballistic Overkill going away is disappointing as that was probably my #2 :frowning:

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@MichaelTunnell and others putting together Linux news for the year / decade…please make sure this “Epic Fail” makes this list.


I just requested a refund from Steam. The article on Gaming on Linux has a link to the Reddit post from Psyonix with instructions, which was updated since the original post.

Won’t it still work on Steam using Proton?

No idea. My money is going to another game studio that actually supports Linux.

well that wont be until next years episode

Thanks for the update

It will supposedly however I do not care if it will or not. Epic Games has proven to me that all the “positive” things they try to claim about Linux is pure nonsense and they really have something against it because they continue to do crap like this.

Besides, they refuse to support it through Proton so if there is ever a breaking bug they refuse to care and thus I refuse to stand by and accept their kick in my face.



Unfortunate lesson on how we can’t trust proprietary developers :frowning:

These big game studios aren’t ethical as they sometimes spend more on DRM and anti-piracy tools than actually developing games, and also, they horribly mistreat their employees (coders in big game studios have the highest turnover rate in all of programming, they usually work unpaid overtime and are employed with short-term contracts so when the game launches they can get let go fast, etc etc etc).

In my opinion, none of the big studios deserve our hard-earned money, instead, let’s fund FOSS game projects. In the FOSS world, we also don’t have to start from zero, we can fork other copyleft licensed projects, we are not competitors of each other, as we don’t hide our technologies. It’s time for cross-platform libre games to rise, and all this needs is us putting our money to the ethically defensible place.