Email without a phone number

Hi there,

I am looking for an email provider, seems easy enough, until you notice that all of them ‘Demand’ that you give them a phone number. I won’t be doing that.

So, I’m asking for recommendations for a simple email provider that does not require to register a phone number, that is all I need.


Tutanota is good, also encrypted. I don’t think you need to give them much info.

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Basic accounts are free and come with a free VPN.

Account creation requires one of the following proof’s of personhood:



Yep, i second @Ulfnic 's suggestion.
If you ask me, get a paid account. Lots of benefits come with it.


I’ve been mostly happy with Proton mail.

I have had an issue where they advertise to me, not via SPAM, but via pop-ups in the webUI. Other than that I have been happy with their service.

I can’t speak to Proton’s email service, but as for development, Proton is working on a calendar ( similar to Google’s calendar ), storage ( again, similar to Google Drive ), and a VPN service, so they are doing a lot of development.

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I will chime in to second ProtonMail as usual because I am a happy ProtonMail user.

ProtonMail is the only? e2e email provider that offers an IMAP/SMTP bridge which left beta for about a year now so if the bridge is running you can use any standard IMAP/SMTP client with it.

“The app is available for DEB, RPM and PKGBUILD distributions, covering most derivatives. (debian and all derivatives like Ubuntu, Mint; RedHat and derivatives like Centos, Fedora; Arch and derivatives like Manjaro)”

That’s a pain in the butt if you’re already covered using PGP. The bonus would be protecting your metadata between you and the server but that may be irrelevant.

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Along this line of thought, if anyone is looking for a throw away or disposable email, or one that you can make up on the fly, then you should try All you need to do is put anything in front of and it becomes a valid email address immediately. Say perhaps, if you are signing up for confirmation of tickets at the local playhouse (e.g. Golden Apple), and don’t want to give up your personal email address, just use You can go immediately to mailinator and put goldenapple in the public email search box to see the emails. The one issue is that if you use a common public name, your emails will be visible to anyone who also chose that name. One solution is to add a nonsense word to the email to make it unique – such as You are free to delete the email after you read it or save it.


Or, if you’re willing to go that route, the Bloody Vikings add-on for Firefox lets you create disposable e-mail addresses. Maybe also worth while checking out.

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Good question.
A source i like to believe (you have to start somewhere), says it’s pretty good.
I don’t know if they’re a front for “those” guys. I haven’t found any comments on that yet. (could you provide me with a link or 2?)