EFF / How to fix the internet

Just stumbled upon this. (thank you Slashdot. :slight_smile: )
A new podcast series from the EFF. Seems something worth listening.


Thanks for this. I certainly think they’re worth following to learn more from!

“This podcast mini-series will tackle the FISA Court, U.S. broadband access, the third-party doctrine, barriers to interoperable technology, law enforcement use of face recognition technology, and digital first sale.”

The EFF at it’s finest.

Thank you for sharing.

I’ve got both episodes in my queue right now! Can’t wait to give it a listen.

After listening to the episodes, the thing that suprised me the most is the amount (or lack thereof) of internet acces in the U.S.
I always thought that citizens in the U.S. were among the top when it came to acces and speed regarding the internet.
Turns out, it’s not. This was really a surprise for me.
Even communities get blocked in certain states from taking action to resolve the lack of connection.

Elon Musk’s Starlink will be the great equalizer. :slight_smile:

Even if remote communities don’t all want a dish it’ll be vastly easier to set up a WISP and it can serve everyone by wireless or cable.