Edward Snowden, JRE Ep. 1536

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I watched this when it showed up in my feed. It was a bit surprising, as I thought there wouldn’t be any more full shows posted to Youtube, since the exclusive deal with Spotify.

It was a good interview, without any real surprises, other than it may be a bit surprising, that Snowden is more open to censorship or deplatforming, than I would have guessed.

I have to give him a lot of credit for how good he is at communicating technical issues to non-techies while still managing to use correct and fairly accurate terminologies.
I think many IT supporters and communicators could learn effective technical communications from listening to him.

I believe the switch begins January and the full back catalog of videos will be moved (not copied) to Spotify.

Now you have me curious. There was some real gems in there I may give it a re-listen and timestamp the cool stuff for posterity.