Educational podcasts

Joe Rogan Experience - wide variety of topics.

Episode recommendations, as there are literally thousands of episodes:

#1109 Mathew Walker sleep.

#1914 Siddarth Kara electronic waste and societal harm.

Any andrew huberman episode, as they all have great information, like cold plunges increasing dopamine levels.

#2032 - Hawaii wildfire, caused by corporate water diversion to golf courses, hotels and corporate agriculture.

#2062 and the other episode Sam Harris, of White Oak Pastures, a regenerative, organic farm producing healthy meat and fat products. I forgen what all they sell, but their farm has better soil, retains more nutrients and significantly more water retention, and supports a wide variety of animal and microbial life. Seeing the video portion of the water runoff, and how clean it is compared to nearby farms shows how much work and respect goes into the quality of the land.

The episode with RFK Jr, I don’t remember the number.

There are multiple hundreds of other educational episodes, so just read the descriptions, or if it is vague, pick one and you’ll learn something new.

Another podcast is RFK Jr.'s podcast. He talks about water quality, and the waterkeeper organization, vaccine safety (and the lack of safety regulations for many of them, but not all) food production and pesticides, and many other important topics.

If you like learning about space Star Talk with Neil Tyson is great.

Stay Free with Russel Brand is similar to JRE and JFK Jr podcasts, focuses on political issues mainly.

Let’s be blunt with Montel, cannabis (pot) education, health benefits and political issues surrounding. Montel has been using cannabis for over twenty years to treat himself and advocates for it’s legality atd getting patients off the political battlefield for access.

Great Msmoments in weed history, how weed has improved lives, and includes a few wellknown people. I recommentsd starting with the beginning episode, regarding the white house, it is the first released episode.

Field Lab Earth, not all of these capture my excitement, but many episodes are very interesting, especially the ones about different grasses and various insects and microbial diversity.

Share your favorite educational podcasts.

Here are a couple of my regulars:

Lex Friedman Podcast is a brainiac, long format that often includes the world leaders, deep dive researchers, and the mysteries of the human existence in an unexplored universe. Lex is a kind individual and inquisitive interviewer. He has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that the human condition can sometimes manifest evil on the levels of individual, societal, and political realms. You can usually play this at double speed and rip through his podcast in 90 minutes.

Micheal Malice and the Your Welcome Podcast is a bit of a troll with strong leanings to the political position of anarchy. Heavy libertarian views are the norm. His guest list is significant and intriguing.

Awesome. I downloaded the JFK Jr. episode on Lex’s podcast, and will download some about the current wars about land and beliefs. I also downloaded a few Michael Malice ep,

Gastropod is very educational, it’s similar to rotten, the documentary about illegitimate food marketing.