DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection

I just wanted to share this recording of my phone with the DuckDuckGo app tracking protection enabled. It dawned on me the other day when I opened it and saw several million tracking attempts blocked that I’ve had this running in the background for months (without much, if at all, interference with normal activities). Yesterday, I factory reset my phone, and this was one of the first things I enabled when I had it back up and running. So, in this video, the app tracking protection has been running for less than 24 hours. This won’t much of a surprise to most of us as we know that this happens, but it is nice to see stuff like this on mainstream devices and something that can be easily obtained.

DuckDuckGo App Tracking

It’s pretty shocking when you start paying attention to stuff like this (even excluding the obvious web browser spying…brave alone says 285,250 ads/trackers blocked for me since the last wipe).

When I changed my phone to a Xiaomi a few months back and installed pcapdroid to see what was going on…huge amounts of Xiaomi, Google and installed apps sending stuff home.

It made me finally go scorched earth and install a custom ROM, zero google stuff installed, netguard to block net access for everything unless I personally let it. The difference is huge, way more battery life, barely any data usage and the phone feels way more streamlined to use.

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