Dream Linux machine?

Hello all,

What is your dream Linux machine? For me, I kinda partially have it. It’s an Intel NUC with 16 GB of RAM, i3 processor, 1 terabyte of SSD Nvme storage and it’s all located on a small board almost the size of a Raspberry Pi. In the future I wanna get something else from System 76, but I haven’t decided yet.

Anything from System76, i’ll even take a mouse mat.


32 Core threadripper with 64Gb Ram and 4TB Nvme storage If its a dream machine throw in a 6900XT while we are at it.

My own build with an all AMD rigg, with top tier cpu, gpu, ram and storage with all open standards when it comes to UEFI/Bios and firmware e.t.c.
With 100% compatibility and support in the linuxkernel.

But that’ll never happen, so yeah…DreamMachine !

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Dream bigger. I’d prefer for you to have something a little more powerful than an i3. A threadripper would be a little better, or any AMD multi-core CPU.

Since a colleague showed me his MacBook M1 I dream of a lightweight Linux laptop as powerful, with an insane endurance and that top built quality without all that glue and closed software

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Asus Zenbook. The one I have is a couple of years old, but I bought it the same year my Mother bought a MacBook air. They have the same footprint and, mostly, the same spec with regards to CPU, memory, SSD, etc. It’s not an M1, granted, but Linux runs without issues on the Zenbook.

I’m just say’n…

In the end it’s all about ARM processors. Laptops likewise Intel MacBooks do exist from quite some time. In a few years we might get ARM laptops developed by other manufacturers or kernels allowing Linux to run easily on M1 :man_shrugging:t2:

My current box is my Linux Dream Machine.
AMD Ryzen 9 5950
AMD 5700XT
1TB Firecuda nVMe Boot Drive
2TB Samsung 970 nVMe Home Drive
4TB Samsung 860 SSD Data Drive
12TB BTRFS RAID Array (External) (Stage-1 backup)
All housed in an SFF case.

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It has to be portable and powerful though my requirements are not that high and I probably already have it. My Thinkpad X201. :grin:

Honestly just the above but with a modern processor, a really big SSD and 16 GB RAM would already suffice. Every Linux distro on earth has to be supported on it!

I am actually at a point in my life where I feel I may not need to build any more PCs and all my machines in the future will be either laptops (with our without discrete GPUs) or compact single board computers. At this point all of my PCs have been self builds so this is a bold statement. Laptops are at the point where there is no need to go bigger / better / faster.


RDNA5 APU with 100% Kernel compatibility, Fast RAM, SSD in a Fanless MiniPC from factor.
Or an ARM analogue of M1 chip same from factor


Any computer that doesn’t have any traces of Windows!

Now THAT is my dream machine. Fast, responsive, smooth updates - a dream. :wink:

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