Double videos on YouTube

I noticed 2 exact videos from Ask Noah, and Linux for Everyone. I do believe Noah had some audio issues. Curious, so I thought I’d ask. :wink:

I believe that they are getting uploaded under 2 different ‘Channels’.

They are going up on their individual channel (Ask Noah, Linux 4 Everyone, etc) as well as DestinationLinux Network channel.



And then I have to type more stuff because of the 10 character limit. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ChristopherM is correct, it is because the DL channel has become the DLN channel to make it easier for people to discover the different content on the network. Plus the DLN channel benefits from my thumbnail designs :smiley:

lol that is an unfortunate spam block thing but I whatever if Thanks! plus an emoji would work since the names of those are lots of characters :smiley:

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