Domain Name Help

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to figure out how to use a domain name to use my jellyfin server outside my network. I am hosting my jellyfin server on a mini pc that has Linux Mint 21.2 installed.

Jellyfin works perfect on my lan. However when I use my domain name to connect to my server it gives me a connection error “We’re unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again.”

I am using a domain name from and I have my modem/router dns settings connected to the domain name. I am bran new to this whole dns thing so if anyone here could help me out I would appreciate it.

What ports are listening on your machine?

sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep -i listen

What services are listening on port 80

sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep :80

Do you need all the ports that are listed? It’s a pretty large list. I don’t have a firewall running.

I have Jellyfin on 8096 and apache2 on 80.

No. I don’t need to see all of the ports. What you supplied is just what I needed to see. I wanted to be certain that you have port 80 listening.

Can you ping your WAN IP Address from outside your LAN?

  1. get your wan ip address:
  2. ping it from a phone hotspot or an outside network different than your LAN.

Is the port open on your router?

Put 80 in the target port on this service, click scan, and see what happens:
dns port checker

Can you access the apache default page from simply using the ip address without the domain name resolution?

  1. http://[your_wan_ip]:80

I am able to ping my IP addess outside my lan. Port 80 is open on my router and I am able to access my apache page without the domain name.

Can you access jeffyfin from the ip address and port?


So I am able to acces my jellyfin server by using domainname:8096. However when I put in my domain name in a browser it directs me to my modem login page… I temporary disabled it until I can figure out how to not have it redirect to my modem login page.

Aha! Your issue now is port forwarding. Look at the documentation of your Router/Modem/Gateway for how to forward ports

Additionally, you should be able to find documentation in jellyfin on how to setup apache virtual host directives.

You’re getting close.